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Speed up your AI development project by hiring skilled AI developers from Space-O. We are your partner in driving your business’s growth, efficiency, and automation with intelligent solutions! Our AI engineers are experienced in AI disciplines like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, generative AI, neural networks, and data science. Rely on Space-O for the right developers to help you create innovative solutions.

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Expertise of Our AI Developers


AI Strategy Consulting

You need expert AI strategy planning and guidance to navigate the complexities of AI adoption.  Hire AI developers from Space-O and get a customized plan and actionable blueprints to implement AI in your processes. We are experts in quick idea validation and innovative strategization for fast business intelligence.

Custom AI Development

Custom AI Development

Hire AI engineers from Space-O for your custom AI web, app, and software development projects. Our AI developers create AI-powered solutions that drive innovation and automation. Whether you need a chatbot, a recommendation engine, or a smart security system, we have the skilled talent to build your project.

Model Implementation

AI Model Implementation

Implement AI models like DALL·E 3, GPT 4, Claude 3, Google Gemini, and Phi-2 in your AI software with our AI development team’s expertise. We are experts in refining data, fine-tuning models, and training machine learning algorithms. Our artificial intelligence engineers help you choose and implement the right model for your objectives.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Space-O’s experienced AI engineers and data scientists develop analytical solutions that enable data-driven business growth. We are proficient in using statistics, data science, data engineering, and data visualization for continuous business improvement. Working with our developers helps you refine data and extract useful information for powerful decision-making and business planning.

Enterprise AI Solutions

Enterprise AI Solutions

With our AI prowess, you can optimize your enterprise’s processes and streamline operations with clear objectives. When you hire AI developers from Space-O, you get a committed team that creates intelligent enterprise automation solutions for objective-specific needs. Each of our developers is your partner in driving business innovation and enabling profit growth!

AI Integration Services

AI Integration Services

Embed artificial intelligence and machine learning models like ChatGPT, Whisper, and private LLMs in your systems for increased business automation, employee productivity, and efficiency. We help businesses strengthen their organizational infrastructure by integrating chatbots, virtual assistants, and other AI-enabled technologies in their existing programs.

Cooperation Models to Hire Our AI Developers

Whether you aim to build a remote AI development team or enhance your in-house capabilities, we have the perfect solutions. Hire our AI developers with customized cooperation models to develop your AI projects exactly the way you envision.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

Onboard AI developers for hire, ready to work on your project-specific requirements.

Long-term Partnerships

End-to-end Support

Flexible Hiring

Client-centric Engagement Models

AI Staff Augmentation

AI Staff Augmentation

Empower your in-house talent and fill critical skill gaps with our staff augmentation support.

Rapid Team Expansion

Technology-specific Talent

On-site Availability

Reduced Hiring Costs

Collaborate With the Top AI Developers For Your Project

Discover the best AI developers for your project with Space-O’s diverse talent pool. Contact us today to assemble your own remote AI development team.

Why Hire AI Developers From Space-O?

Space-O is your trusted AI development partner, providing access to top-tier AI development talent. With a proven track record of delivering over 147 AI solutions across various industries, we are equipped to meet your specific requirements.

Pre-vetted Talent

Pre-vetted Talent

We pre-vet our AI developers based on your requirements, project scope, and skill needs. This includes refining talent based on your vertical’s experience and technical expertise.

Quick Onboarding

Quick Onboarding

Share your requirements with us today, and we will onboard our developers within one week. We have artificial intelligence talent ready to onboard to help you quickly initiate your AI project.

Certified Developers

Certified Developers

Our AI developers hold certifications from AWS, Microsoft, and Google, guaranteeing you receive top-quality talent capable of delivering exceptional results.

Flexible Teams

Flexible Teams

We provide seamless team modifications and flexible hiring models, allowing you to align your remote AI team with your evolving objectives and requirements.

Real-time Collaboration

Real-time Collaboration

The hired AI developers will work in your time zone, enabling you to communicate your requirements in real-time and collaborate with your off-site team easily and conveniently.

Top-tier Accountability

Top-tier Accountability

Hiring AI developers from Space-O guarantees top-tier accountability throughout the project’s life cycle. Our developers provide timely reports and maintain transparent communication to prevent coordination gaps.

Awards and Recognitions

aws partner Gen-AI-Badge-Revised
specialization Machine learning google cloud
Microsoft-Designing-and-Implementing-a-Microsoft-Azure-AI-Solution 1
microsoft solution partner data & AI Azure

Freelance Developers vs Space-O Developers

Avoid the hassles of working with freelance AI developers and onboard quality talent with our AI developer hiring services.

CriteriaSpace-O DevelopersFreelance Developers
Customized Solutionscheck-iconcheck-icon
Technological Capabilitycheck-iconcheck-icon
Flexibilitycheck-iconRed Tick
Idea Securitycheck-iconRed Tick
Ease of Collaborationcheck-iconcheck-icon
On-site Developmentcheck-iconRed Tick
Cost EfficiencyRed Tickcheck-icon
Post-launch Supportcheck-iconRed Tick
Accountability and Reportingcheck-iconcheck-icon

Our Hiring Models

Space-O provides flexible hiring models tailored to your business’s evolving needs. Choose the ideal model for your project and switch seamlessly when necessary.

Hourly HiringPart-time HiringMonthly Retainer
80 Hours/month
160 Hours/month
JIRA, Slack, Skype
JIRA, Slack, Skype
JIRA, Slack, Skype
Contact for PriceContact for PriceContact for Price

Ready to Start Your AI Project?

Whether you need to automate processes or transform data into actionable insights, our extensive pool of AI development talent is here to help. Contact us today to learn more.

Case Studies

Technical Capabilities of Our AI Developers

Our AI engineers hold experience in diverse AI and ML development technologies.

Programming languages

Machine Learning and NLP

Open-source AI and ML Platform

Neural Networks

Database Management

Onboard Our AI Developers in 5 Easy Steps


Discovery and Analysis

Share your requirements with our team and get expert inputs on technologies, features, scope, timeline, and cost estimation.


Interview Pre-selected Developers

Our AI engineering team will pre-vet developers to match your project’s needs. Interview our selected developers and build your remote AI development team.


Choose a Hiring Model

Choose the appropriate hiring model (hourly/part-time/monthly retainer) based on the desired time to market and project complexity.


Development Strategy Planning

Get an AI implementation roadmap from our experts with a detailed project blueprint containing a delivery plan and milestones.


Project Kick-off

Initiate your AI development project and provide routine feedback to the hired AI developers through Slack, JIRA, and Skype.

Client Testimonial

As a growing pharmaceutical manufacturing company, we wanted to utilize AI technology to improve our product’s quality, speed up drug trials, and gain insightful data from tests. We approached Space-O with little idea about achieving our goals. The Space-O developers offered insightful recommendations on using AI in our operations and helped us build a system implementing these recommendations and our objectives. Overall, working with Space-O has been a game-changing experience for our company and we look forward to more innovation with the team.

Dr. Helen Cho

Director of R&D

Dr. Helen Cho

Hire Artificial Intelligence Developers for Industry-specific Solutions



From intelligent patient care to smart diagnostics and treatment suggestions, artificial intelligence is the future of efficient, patient-centric healthcare services.

  • AI Diagnostic App
  • Virtual Nursing Assistant
  • Hospital Management Automation


Smart education systems, driven by artificial intelligence, educate students and empower teachers with innovative learning tools.

  • Personalized Learning Plan Solutions
  • 24/7 Learning Assistant
  • Intelligent Exam Supervisor System


Complete eCommerce automation and enhanced e-retail efficiency for competitive advantage and digital success.

  • AI Customer Support
  • Inventory Management Automation
  • Personalized Shopping Recommendations
Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism

With next-level travel experiences for modern travelers, artificial intelligence is making this industry more innovative than ever before.

  • Real-time Language Translator Solution
  • Travel Itinerary Personalization
  • Automatic Reservation Management

Fleet and Transportation

Make transportation and logistics a sleek, efficient, and quick process through AI-driven transportation solutions.

  • Automatic Delivery Tracker
  • Driver Safety Solution
  • Warehouse and Supply Chain Automation


Aligning workflows with business goals for excellent efficiency, productivity, and cost savings in the manufacturing segment.

  • Predictive Machinery Maintenance Solution
  • AI Quality Check System
  • Demand Forecasting System


Making digital banking fast, secure, and profitable for banking institutions, as well as customers, through AI enablement.

  • Fraud Detection System
  • Digital Banking Assistant
  • Credit Scoring Solution


Elevating media and entertainment experiences with top-notch personalization and content preference management.

  • AI-based Audio/Video Editing Systems
  • Personalized Recommendation Algorithms
  • Automatic Copyright Infragmentation Detection


Utilizing data and patterns to maximize yield, enhance produce quality, and increase productivity in agriculture.

  • Soil Health Monitoring Solution
  • Cattle Health Diagnostic System
  • Selective Planting System

Get AI Developers With Domain Experience in Your Industry

We create AI solutions for different industries! Contact Space-O today to hire AI developers with relevant vertical experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire AI developers from Space-O instead of hiring an in-house AI development team?

Hiring an in-house AI development team limits your talent pool and often requires a substantial up-front investment. Additionally, in-house AI development teams cannot be easily scaled. In contrast, hiring AI developers from Space-O provides access to top industry talent at competitive prices. You can also scale your AI development team as needed, ensuring flexibility. These advantages make Space-O the ideal choice for sourcing AI development talent for your project.

Is there a trial period to check the developer’s compatibility and skills?

Yes, we offer a cost-free 3-day trial to evaluate our AI development team’s skills and compatibility with your project. During this trial period, you can assign a task to our developers and assess their performance based on your project’s scope and complexity. Use this trial to determine if you wish to continue working with us.

Do you sign an NDA?

We value confidentiality and are committed to preserving your idea’s integrity. As such, the AI developers hired for your project will sign an NDA, ensuring protection from unauthorized exposure.

How much does it cost to hire an AI developer from Space-O?

The cost of hiring a senior AI developer with 7+ years of experience having expertise in machine learning techniques, deep learning, and NLP principles starts from USD 35/hour. However, the exact cost will depend on your project’s scope, complexity, technology stack, and development team composition. Consult for your AI project with us today to get a precise quotation.

How many AI developers do I need for my project?

The number of developers your AI project needs depends on the project’s objectives, desired launch time, and complexity. Releasing your AI product in less time requires hiring more developers. Simple projects with basic AI implementation require relatively fewer developers. You can discuss your idea with us to understand the ideal team composition for your AI project.

Can your AI developers work from my office premises?

Space-O offers flexible engagement models to businesses looking to hire AI developers from our team. You can hire remote AI developers, deploy our team to work in your office, or even opt for a hybrid approach. Ultimately, you have complete discretion in choosing how you want to work with your AI development team.

What if the hired AI developer leaves your organization?

At Space-O, we focus on long-term employee retention by supporting their growth and development. However, if an AI engineer you hire leaves our team, we will provide a replacement with equivalent or higher experience within 24 hours, ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer.

How do I communicate with the hired remote AI developers?

We empower you with powerful communication and project management tools like JIRA, Slack, Skype, and Trello. You can use these tools to communicate with your remote AI development team, get weekly work reports, check project progress, and share feedback. Moreover, you can always contact our support team to resolve any queries.

How does Space-O pre-vet developers?

Our pre-vetting process includes preliminary interviews, skill assessments, and technical assignments. This thorough process ensures we refine and present the best developers for your AI development project.

Do your developers also offer post-launch maintenance?

Yes, Space-O offers complete post-launch support for all AI projects. You can come back to us anytime to upgrade your AI software, enhance the existing system, improve functionalities and performance, or for any other post-launch maintenance need. We offer dedicated maintenance assistance as well as process-specific maintenance.