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Space-O holds 13+ years of experience in creating AI solutions that help businesses automate processes, streamline workflows, forecast risks, and maximize cost efficiency. Our AI developers are skilled in implementing machine learning models, big data, GPT, and NLP into your solutions for 360-degree excellence.  Get in touch with us to build an AI-driven solution with our custom AI development services.

Awards and Recognitions for AI Expertise

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Our AI Software Development Services


AI Consulting

We offer strategic AI consulting services that include idea validation, development roadmap creation, and implementation solutions. Consult your artificial intelligence software idea and get a custom AI development strategy from our consultant.

Custom AI Development

Custom AI Development

Being a seasoned AI development company, we are experts in crafting business-specific AI solutions integrated with advanced AI algorithms, NLP models, and machine learning capabilities. If you are looking to develop your AI-based software, let’s talk.

ML and DL Development

Custom AI Integrations

Integrate AI models like GPT, Claude, Google Gemini, Phi-2, and Llama into your existing systems with our custom AI integration services. Space-O helps you embed AI technology into your programs and business framework for a smooth AI transition.

ML and DL Development

ML and DL Development

Convert unstructured data into insightful information and leverage AI’s prediction ability with our machine learning and deep learning development services. Our AI experts help you use data science and ML models like NLP to train and utilize AI algorithms.

Fine-tuning LLM

Fine-tuning LLM

Improve your Large Language Models (LLMs) and enhance AI’s accuracy with our LLM fine-tuning services. With domain-specific dataset availability and unparalleled LLM engineering prowess, Space-O is your partner for enhancing LLM models to fit your parameters.

Computer Vision -

Computer Vision/OCR

Leverage our advanced computer vision to mimic the capabilities of human vision. This solution is excellent for recognizing, analyzing, processing, and recording visual information for AI-driven security, personnel authentication, and access control in critical areas.

Software Solutions We Develop Using Artificial Intelligence

Predictive Analytics & Forecasting

Predictive Analytics

Space-O helps businesses harness the capabilities of machine-learning models and statistical data for strategic forecasting. Our AI developers improve decision-making by understanding patterns from historical data, hence anticipating trends accurately.

Recommendation Engines

We develop custom AI recommendation solutions to help you fine-tune your business processes with data-driven recommendations. From elevating customer satisfaction to streamlining business strategies, this engine is excellent for flawless decision-making.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Enable algorithms to drive information from speech with our AI speech recognition solutions. We custom-develop speech recognition and sentiment detection solutions. This solution is excellent for real-time speech translation, improving the voice assistant’s support abilities.

Start Your AI Development Project With Space-O

Schedule your call with us. Let us help you develop custom AI-based solutions for your business.

Why Develop an AI Software for Your Business?

Makes Process Smarter

Makes Process Smarter

Artificial intelligence adoption helps deploy AI for redundant processes. From digital automation systems to task automation robots, the potential of AI software development in business process automation is limitless.

Enhances Your Security

Enhances Your Security

Investing in AI software development helps you forecast, identify, and mitigate business risks. The risk management aspect of AI is excellent for dodging cybersecurity threats, business risks, and financial threats.

Drives Data-driven Decisions

Drives Data-driven Decisions

AI, predictive analytics, and machine learning help businesses make informed business decisions. These decisions are backed by real data and historical patterns, and form the foundation of successful business strategies.

Makes Businesses Future-proof

Makes Businesses Future-proof

Investing in AI software development helps you keep pace with the dynamic market and gives your business a competitive edge. Business intelligence and sustainability have never been easier to achieve before.

Client Testimonial

We approached Space-O to develop an AI solution for our healthcare processes, specifically patient care and satisfaction. Our needs included a virtual patient assistant that could help every patient get a solid answer to their query and reduce the workload of our staff. The custom AI software developed by Space-O helped us boost our patient satisfaction score from 63% to 81%. We would gladly recommend Space-O for its commitment to quality and excellence in its job.

Williams Roberts

Founder and Chief Surgeon, Harmony Medical Centre

Williams Roberts

Featured Case Studies

Why Choose Space-O for Your Project?

Space-O has established itself as the leading AI software development company. Our AI development services are curated to offer definitive value to your business.

Specialized Expertise

Specialized Expertise

Our artificial intelligence developers have experience working with advanced AI technologies, NLP models, neural networks, and ML models. We have the right talent for technology-specific project requirements.

Quick Hiring

Quick Hiring

Consult your artificial intelligence development idea with us today and onboard our developers within a week. Space-O offers a quick hiring process to help you build your AI product in the least possible time.

Scalable Team

Scalable Team

Space-O offers a flexible team that seamlessly scales throughout your project’s development. You can add or remove developers from your project to match your changing requirements and dynamic business goals.

Extensive Experience

Extensive Experience

We hold 13+ years of proven experience in AI software development. Our extensive experience in offering AI software development services helps you get the best of artificial intelligence for your project.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our quality testing team thoroughly tests each AI software for user acceptance, security, performance, quality, and integrability. This ensures that you implement the best possible AI system in your business.

End-to-end Support

End-to-end Support

Our AI software development goes beyond software delivery. We have a dedicated team to help you implement the developed AI software in your business, with continuous support for training and maintenance.

Client-centric Engagement Models

Flexible Hiring Models

Being a widely recognized AI development company, Space-O offers client-focused engagement models like outsourcing, outstaffing, and dedicated development. You can switch engagement models mid-project.

Agilistic Approaches

Agilistic Approaches

We implement time-tested agile development methodologies like SCRUM and DevOps to ensure that your artificial intelligence project aligns with your business needs and development goals.

Get Started With AI Software Development

Space-O is widely recognized for its excellence in developing AI software solutions. Let’s talk to develop custom AI-powered solutions.

Client-centric Engagement Models for AI Projects

Space-O offers flexible engagement models to help you build your AI system at your convenience. We have a model to fit every business’s need, be it a startup or an enterprise.

Fixed Cost Model

Fixed Cost Model

Get a fixed contract value for your artificial intelligence software development project with the fixed cost model. Our AI engineers offer start-to-end support throughout your project’s lifecycle for successful development.

Time and Material Model

Time and Material Model

Only pay for the resources you use for your AI development project with the time and material model. Developing AI solutions with this model helps you get a rough estimate to raise optimal funds.

Dedicated AI Software Developers

Dedicated Developers

Build your own team of AI developers and machine learning experts with the dedicated AI software development model. Hire pre-vetted AI engineers from Space-O through our sleek hiring process.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Augment your existing AI team and fill skill gaps with Space-O. We have a team of onboarding-ready developers with on-site and off-site working flexibility for easy staff augmentation.

Expertise in AI Development Technologies

As a market-leading AI software development company, we have expertise in working with the latest AI engineering technologies. We use this expertise to custom-develop game-changing AI software solutions for your business.

Programming languages

Machine Learning and NLP

Open-source AI and ML Platform

Neural Networks

Our AI Software Development Process

We have a curated process to help you build your AI system from scratch with maximum efficiency.


Identify the Core Problems

Help our team gain insights on your business’s problems, challenges, and strategic objectives. We use these insights to curate AI development objectives.


Collect and Refine the Data

Our team collects and refines the data that represents solving your problems/challenges. This data is pre-refined by our team for the highest accuracy.


Choose and Train the AI Model

After preparing the data, we choose an artificial intelligence model to train for your problem. We then feed, readjust, and retrain the model to achieve accurate results.


Model Testing and Validation

We then test the accuracy of the developed AI software through a different set of data.  This unused data helps us validate your model’s capabilities.


AI System Deployment and Maintenance

The last step is to deploy the developed AI system and integrate it with other systems. We also continuously monitor and maintain the system for consistent results.

Ready to Hire Experienced AI Software Developers from Space-O?

We have a team of skilled AI software developers with experience in implementing AI solutions for different industry verticals. Choose from our talent and find the right developers for your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to develop an AI software?

The starting cost of developing a basic AI automation software with an experienced AI software company based in the US  is USD 20,000. However, the exact price for your project depends on your business needs and AI software’s implementation scope. Contact us today to get a precise quote for your project.

Will we have ownership of the developed AI software?

Yes, you will have complete ownership of the developed AI software. As soon as the project is completed, we deploy the software on your server and transfer code ownership to you.

What steps do you take to protect our idea’s integrity?

We value your idea’s integrity and take precautions to protect its confidentiality. Every member of the development team allocated to your project signs a mutual NDA. This is to ensure that your idea is leak-proof and protected from exploitation.

What will be the right technology stack for our project?

We have a team of developers with experience in AI development technologies like Python, Node.js, and Core ML. Our team can help you pick the right technology stack that benefits your project’s scope and needs. Contact us today for a free consultation.

How do you ensure the optimal quality of the developed AI software?

We are committed to developing the best quality AI software services for you. At Space-O, we implement rigorous software testing methodologies like unit testing, user acceptance testing, integration testing, security testing, and performance testing of each AI software. These tests are conducted through tools like Mantis, Selenium, Appium, TestSigma, and Apache JMeter. This ensures the optimal quality of the developed AI software solution.

How will you ensure that the AI software aligns with my business goals?

Space-O takes measures like thoroughly analyzing project requirements, breaking projects into sprints, and taking client feedback at the end of each sprint. We also keep you involved in critical decision-making to help you stay informed regarding your project. This way, we ensure that your AI software aligns with your requirements.

Do you offer implementation support for the developed AI solution?

Yes, we offer implementation support for the developed AI software. This includes training support to help you and your team understand the features and uses of the developed software.

How can we monitor our project’s progress?

You can monitor your project’s real-time status and development progress through our project management mechanisms. We use tools like JIRA, Asana, Basecamp, and Trello to offer real-time updates to our clients. Your project will also be allocated a project manager who will provide periodic updates on the development progress.

How do you ensure proper communication with the time zone difference?

The hired developers work in your time zone to ensure availability during your work hours We take this step to help you communicate your requirements and provide feedback in real-time with your development team.

We already have an AI software. Can you help us enhance it?

Yes, we can help you improve your existing AI system. Whether you want to add new functionalities to your AI software or simply improve its performance and upgrade its tech stack, we have the right expertise for you.

How do we start our project with Space-O?

To start your AI software development project with our team, all you need to do is fill out our simple contact form. Our team will analyze your requirements and will get back to you within 24 hours with custom-tailored business solutions.