How We Built PickyPilot to Reach More Users and Enhance Product Selection by 40%

Rakesh Patel
Rakesh Patel
December, 11 2023
How We Built PickyPilot to Reach More Users and Enhance Product Selection

*The company and client’s name have been changed to protect privacy

Client Details and Description

Client Name: Emily Johnson

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Industry: eCommerce

Client’s background

Meet our client, Emily Johnson, a seasoned professional in digital commerce, where her expertise extends beyond conventional boundaries:

  • Emily is a tech entrepreneur from Stockholm, Sweden, with a keen focus on crafting innovative digital commerce solutions.
  • Deeply experienced in eCommerce platforms, Emily specializes in enhancing the digital shopping experiences of consumers worldwide.
  • Recognizing the inefficiency in online product comparison, Emily saw a significant challenge for eCommerce consumers and decided to take it on.
  • Proposing the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Emily envisioned a solution to streamline and simplify the product selection process in online shopping.
  • Leading the creation of PickyPilot, Emily brought her vision to life – an AI-powered application designed for intuitive and efficient product comparisons.

Project Overview

App Name: PickyPilot

Primary Objective: To make online shopping easier and better for users by using AI tools. These tools are designed to help shoppers quickly find and compare products in a way that suits their personal preferences. PickyPilot uses artificial intelligence to offer smart suggestions and comparisons, making the shopping process faster and more tailored to each user. This approach is all about improving online shopping, making it more enjoyable and less of a hassle.

The Challenge Before PickyPilot in Online Shopping

  1. Overwhelming Product Choices: Shoppers face decision fatigue due to the vast array of products available online.
  2. Lack of Personalized Guidance: The absence of tailored recommendations makes it hard for shoppers to find products that truly meet their needs.
  3. Time-consuming Research: Consumers often spend a lot of time researching products, and comparing features, prices, and reviews.
  4. Difficulty in Trusting Reviews: With a mix of genuine and biased reviews online, it’s challenging for shoppers to determine which reviews are trustworthy.
  5. Inconsistent Product Information: Variations in product details across different websites can lead to confusion and uncertainty in making the right choice.
  6. Navigational Challenges: Navigating through multiple websites and tabs to compare products can be inconvenient and time-consuming for users.

Core Features of PickyPilot

AI Enhanced Product Recommendations
  • Uses AI to analyze user behavior and preferences.
  • Integrates real-time data from top eCommerce sites for personalized suggestions.
  • Adapts to user interactions for better recommendations.
Comprehensive Product Comparison Tools
  • User-friendly charts to compare product features.
  • Aggregates reviews and ratings for a complete view.
  • Helps users make informed decisions with clear information.
Price Tracking and Alerts
  • Monitors price changes and alerts users to deals and discounts.
  • Helps users buy at the best possible price.
Interactive Shopping Assistant
  • Chatbot or virtual assistant for real-time shopping guidance.
  • Answers queries and offers assistance during shopping.
Seamless Integration with eCommerce Platforms
  • Smoothly integrates with popular eCommerce platforms for a unified experience.
  • Allows users to compare products across different sites easily.
Customizable Filters and Search Options
  • Offers advanced filters to narrow down choices based on specific criteria.
  • Customizable search options for more targeted results.

Impact and Results of PickyPilot on eCommerce

PickyPilot has significantly altered the landscape of online shopping. Its impact is evident in both qualitative and quantitative terms, as detailed below:

  1. Enhanced User Experience

    The introduction of PickyPilot led to a marked increase in user engagement on eCommerce platforms. Surveys conducted post-implementation showed a 40% increase in customer satisfaction related to online shopping experiences.

    Check out this table containing insights into user engagement and satisfaction.

    MetricBefore PickyPilotAfter PickyPilot
    Average Session Duration5 minutes8 minutes
    User Satisfaction Rating3.5/54.7/5
    Return Visitor Rate0.30.55
  2. Efficiency in Shopping Process

    Users reported a 50% reduction in the time taken to make purchasing decisions. There was a 35% decrease in product return rates, indicating more accurate purchasing decisions.

    Check out this table containing insights into efficiency and accuracy.

    MetricBefore PickyPilotAfter PickyPilot
    Time to Purchase Decision20 minutes10 minutes
    Product Return Rate0.20.13
  3. Business Impact

    Participating eCommerce platforms observed a 25% increase in sales post-integration with PickyPilot. There was a 30% increase in new customer sign-ups attributed to the enhanced shopping experience.

    Check out this table containing insights into business growth metrics.

    MetricBefore PickyPilotAfter PickyPilot
    Monthly Sales500000625000
    New Customer Sign-ups1,000/month1,300/month
  4. Market Positioning and Brand Perception

    PickyPilot quickly became synonymous with efficient online shopping, enhancing brand value. A noticeable increase in market share was observed among eCommerce platforms utilizing PickyPilot.

    Check out this table containing insights into market positioning.

    MetricBefore PickyPilotAfter PickyPilot
    Brand Recognition Index5075
    Market Share0.150.2

The Development Journey of PickyPilot

Iterative Development Process

  • Employed an iterative development approach, fostering flexibility and continuous improvement throughout the app’s creation.
  • Utilized agile methodologies to adapt to evolving requirements, ensuring PickyPilot’s responsiveness to user needs.

Advanced AI and Machine Learning Integration

  • Integrated advanced AI and machine learning technologies to accurately predict user preferences and deliver personalized product recommendations.
  • Leveraged machine learning algorithms for continuous learning and improvement, enhancing the effectiveness of PickyPilot’s recommendation engine.

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Future Roadmap for PickyPilot

  1. Global Platform Expansion

    • Expanding to additional global eCommerce platforms to offer a wider product selection to users worldwide.
    • Partnering with major international retailers to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  2. Dynamic Price Comparison

    • Implementing dynamic price comparison features that provide real-time pricing information, ensuring users get the best deals.
    • Utilizing AI to track and display price fluctuations, enabling users to make informed purchasing decisions.
  3. Multilingual Support

    • Developing multilingual support to cater to a diverse user base, offering the app in multiple languages for enhanced accessibility.
    • Incorporating localization to provide culturally relevant shopping experiences to users from different regions.


PickyPilot stands as a pioneering solution in the eCommerce sector, showcasing the potential of AI in enhancing the online shopping journey. Its focus on personalized, efficient product comparison positions it as a key player in the future of digital commerce.